Collar 'Stella'

€ 28,95

Collar 'Stella' is a braided biothane collar that comes in a variety of widths and sizes, this way there's always a perfect fit collar for your dog.

It's made from biothane, a super strong material that is water repellent. So it's great for being outdoors.

There are two colors to choose from;

-'Vino' Take a sip of your favourite wine while enjoying your fancy doggo. It's finished off with gold hardware.

-'Blue sky' For the best blue Monday you've ever had. It's finished off with silver hardware.

The collar comes in 2 widths and a total of 8 sizes. Measure your dog's neck tightly with a measuring tape for the best fit. It's 6cm adjustable, so there's room for pups to grow and for thick coat to come and go. 

Not sure what size to get? Please contact me, I'd love to help you out.