Collar 'Django'

€ 28,95

Collar 'Django' is a medium wide (3cm) Collar, best suited for medium to large sized dogs.

It's made from PPM rope, a very strong material for dog collars. A single rope can hold up to 1295kg!

There are two color combinations to choose from;

-'Glamour' Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the most glamour of all? It's finished off with gold hardware and a wine-red biothane buckle.

-'Avocado toast' For the most cozy Sunday brunch on the couch. It's finished off with antique gold hardware and a brown biothane buckle.

The collar comes in 7 sizes, measure your dog's neck tightly with a measuring tape for the best fit. It's 6cm adjustable, so there's room for pups to grow and for thick coat to come and go. 

Not sure what size to get? Please contact me, I'd love to help you out.