Leash 'Daisy'

€ 28,95

Leash 'Daisy' is a leash made from biothane and it can be used for all dogs.

It's made from biothane, a super strong material that is water repellent. So it's great for being outdoors.

There are four colors to choose from;

-'Sahara' Because good basics are also necessary. It's finished off with antique gold hardware.

-'Royal' Only for real kings and queens. It's finished off with gold hardware.

-'Vino' Take a sip of your favourite wine while enjoying your fancy doggo. It's finished off with gold hardware.

-'Blue sky' For the best blue Monday you've ever had. It's finished off with silver hardware.

The leash comes in 3 lengths, choose wisely based on your walk style.

Not sure what length to get? Please contact me, I'd love to help you out.